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About Destination Imagination
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What is Destination Imagination?

Destination Imagination (DI) is an international, educational program that gives kids an amazing outlet for their creativity, while teaching them leadership, teamwork, positive thinking, project management and so much more. Teams of 2 to 7 kids from 3rd grade through university level solve one of six openended Challenges (Scientific, Engineering, Fine Arts, Service Learning, Improvisation, or Technical) in their own unique ways, and present their solutions at Regional Tournaments in late February or early March. Teams also solve an on-the-spot Instant Challenge at the tournaments, where they must think quickly on their feet and work together to solve a problem in around five minutes. Thereís even a noncompetitive Rising Stars! category with a special Challenge for K-2nd grade. Winners advance to the Affiliate (state/country) Tournament, and winners at the Affiliate Tournament move on to Global Finals to compete against more than 1,400 teams from around the world.
Why should my child be involved?

Teams involved in DI learn higher order thinking and learn to excel in creative and critical thinking, collaborative problem solving, and project management. Students who have participated in Destination Imagination say they believe participation helped them improve their grades and do better in school, improved their self-confidence, helped them become better communicators, enhanced their respect for others, and improved their creativity and problem solving skills.
Who participates?

Each year, 150,000 students worldwide participate in Destination Imagination. Founded in 1982, Destination Imagination has impacted more than 1.5 million alumni in 48 U.S. states and 50 countries. Many of those same DI participants are now making the world a better place through various STEM and fine arts career fields. Famous alumni include actor Zac Efron (High School Musical), author and actor Chris Colfer (Glee), Olympic gold medalist Maelle Ricker, and engineer Simon Dodd. Havenít heard of him? Simon Dodd is an M.I.T. graduate who holds 26 patents and volunteers as Team Manager for his sonís DI team!
What are the costs?
Eich is a staunch supporter of this program and will cover most registration fees for it's teams. Other fees are paid by the families for each participant. Here's the breakdown.
Fees paid by Eich: (if all team members attend Eich)
  • $210/team ($180/team if 5+) to start a team
  • $25/team for regional events (Team Manager Training, IC Play Date, Skills Workshop)
  • $125/team to participate in the Regional Tournament
  • $225-$300/team to participate in the State Tournament (if the team qualifies)
Fees paid by Family:
  • $50-$75/child to cover the costs for materials used for central challenges (practice and final), team practice ICs and Eich IC night materials donations
    (the amount is determined by the Team Manager)
  • $2000-$3000/child* to participate in the Global Finals (if the team qualifies)
    * You'd be amazed at how much can be made by fundraising! See the Resources page for ideas.
What is the time commitment?
Teams meet at their own convenience with an adult volunteer Team Manager (parent or faculty), making it easy to work around other activities. (Team Managers are given a Roadmap resource to guide them as they lead the team and have great support from other Team Managers and local DI officials.) Teams usually meet through the winter months for about an hour and a half each week, with time commitment increasing for extra practice and preparation time as they draw closer to tournament, much like other competitive teams. Upon request, Eich will accomodate after school team meetings on campus. Please use the link on the Contacts page to request a room.
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